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School Life Senior School Yr 11 - 12


Highview College primarily caters for students undertaking a course of study designed to lead to the award of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and University entrance. Important information and dates are provided early in the academic school year.

The VCE is administered by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) which sets the conditions to be met within individual units, and awards the final certificate. Highview is committed to providing a comprehensive range of subjects that provide access into a very wide range of post-secondary courses and careers. Since VCE students are only able to study a limited number of subjects, we are confident that each year, students will be able to select and study the subjects that will lead into their chosen fields.

If you intend to undertake a tertiary course after completing your VCE, you should refer to the published Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements (VTAC) Prerequisites, to check course requirements. 

We do offer limited opportunities for students to undertake VET studies. These are completed as part of a VCE program of study.

To discuss tailoring a course to suit your particular needs or if you require any other information, please contact either the Director of Professional Practice, Mrs Wendy Hare, the VCE Co-ordinator, Mr Dean Langley or the Director of Administration, Mr Stuart Mandersloot.