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Highview College Teaching and Learning

A co-constructive learning environment

The Highview classroom provides a dynamic learning space where teachers and students are provided with regular opportunities to develop respectful and constructive relationships.

Staff participate in a variety of collegial teaching practices and professional development to both affirm and further develop their best practice. At Highview, teaching focusses on effective communication and feedback, where our students and their learning outcomes are central to our methodologies. This is emphasized by our incorporation of discursive teaching practices to facilitate a rich co-constructive learning environment, where students are engaged, feel valued and can competently and confidently thrive.     

There is an expectation that teachers are highly competent in the knowledge and skills required to enrich and extend the students they work with. There is also an expectation that their work with our students exemplifies the pride, dedication and passion required to facilitate our students to be the best they can be – as they move towards their future pathways.