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Enrolling your child at Highview College

Highview College encourages your child to think critically and creatively and have the ability to be independent, lifelong learners.

1-to-1 Laptops

Every student has their own school supplied laptop.


We are actively engaged in our community.

Opportunities of a lifetime

Team building trips overseas

Great sporting opportunities

We have an awesome sports program.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are core in our curriculum

Academic Success

Great outcome for our students

Highview College offers a dynamic holistic education where academic excellence and personal development are considered equally important. We aim to provide ‘Education Through Wholeness’ where each student is encouraged to develop ethically, scholastically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically, consistent with their true potential.

Our students are supported through an excellent Pastoral Care system, with a strong emphasis on Positive Education. The social and emotional development of the students at Highview College is catered for through a caring and individual approach. Highview College enables students to develop the confidence and skills to be independent, responsible, active and contributing members of their school and community.

Highview College’s academic program aims to build on the Positive Education approach by providing courses that suit and fully extend the varying abilities, talents and interests of students. In the senior years, Highview offers a range of VCE and VET subjects to cater for the different career pathways of students.

Most importantly, Highview College prepares its students for life beyond school by developing students who have a positive attitude towards learning, can think critically and creatively and the ability to be independent “lifelong learners”. Leadership programs with an emphasis on community service and support, where students are empowered with the ‘confidence to achieve’, are embedded in all aspects of school life.