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Highview College Uniform

The way each student wears the uniform is an indicator of their commitment to and appreciation of their learning opportunities. Highview has a lovely uniform which we regularly review in response to student feedback. It is a formal but functional school uniform.

The Uniform Policy addresses the total appearance of the student while at school and travelling to and from school. The uniform is seen as an external statement of the respect extended by students being educated at Highview College. It presents to the public an image that is in line with the school ethos.

Wearing a uniform assists in creating an identity for the school and aids in developing pride and unity in the sense of belonging to the school community. A uniform promotes a sense of inclusiveness, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity, while reinforcing the understanding that our school is a safe and respectful environment.

It is an expectation of enrolment that students will respect the uniform and that families will assist us in ensuring that it is worn well. Students who arrive at school dressed inappropriately may be supplied with items which will be charged to his/her parent/guardian account. (Refer to the 'Highview College Student Uniform Policy' on the website)

A student who is out of uniform due to extenuating circumstances should explain their situation to the Head of School. Parents or students experiencing difficulty should contact the school for support. We do have emergency supplies of some uniform items that we are happy to supply. Any families wishing to donate items may also assist others through this program.

Uniform expectations apply to every day the school uniform is worn, including the final formal day for students. Students who do not wear appropriate uniform may forfeit the right to participate in formal ceremonies designed to honour them. Students who frequently wear the uniform incorrectly are demonstrating non-compliance which will result in consequences as deemed appropriate by the Head of School.

Macks Uniform Supplier

Highview College uniforms are stocked and sold exclusively through ‘Macks’ at 160 High Street Maryborough, phone 5460 4999. Families may order uniform items on-line through Mack's Website and have them delivered to the College.

Hats and navy socks are available to be purchased at Reception. These items will be supplied and charged to a student’s account for any students who arrive out of uniform.

Mack's Website: https://macksfashionandsurf.com/collections/highview

Secondhand uniforms and books

Secondhand uniforms and books can be bought and sold using the website www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

School Bag

The Highview School Bag is compulsory for all students.

Summer Uniform



Softshell Winter Jackets

Students can check their size by trying on samples available at Reception.

Orders can be made on-line and will be delivered by return post to your home address.


Postage of AU$15.00 will be charged once per order.