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Welcome to Highview College

It is an honour to have been appointed as the 8th Principal of this wonderful school. As the first ecumenical school in Australia, Highview College leads the way in providing an inclusive education which is open to all and which is informed by Christian traditions and values. Highview combines its significant heritage of over 114 years with contemporary approaches to develop a wonderful environment in which our young men and women learn. Each student is provided with a personal computer and 24 hour access to support and resources. Students benefit from being a member of our small school family in which every teacher knows every student and students are valued and value others.  At Highview, we initiate and foster the capacity for learning in an ethical and moral environment. We pride ourselves on this openness being reflected in the lives of each of our students, our staff and our community. We are dedicated to making our School and its community the best that we can be. We are proud of our students' impressive achievements – in academia, sports and in the performing and visual arts. We are proud of their commitment and contribution to the service of others and in the strength of their relationships with each other, our staff and the broader community. Our Student Well-being Program ensures that every student is supported as an individual – not just as a learner but as a developing young adult who is coming to understand the complexities of the world. We value our young men and women not only for what they achieve but equally for who they are. This is a fundamental characteristic of our wonderful school. We would be delighted for the opportunity to share with you our School and what it could provide for your son or daughter. Please contact our office on 5459 1000 to organise a School Tour or to obtain further information.

Melinda Scash