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School Life Middle School Yr 9 - 10


Year 7 is exciting and new, Year 8 is a year of consolidation. Year 10 leads into VCE and once you progress into Senior School your goals are in place and your focus is firmly fixed on the future. Year 9 provides an opportunity to take risks and explore. At Highview we urge students to take every opportunity to build self-knowledge, to practice compassion and tolerance, to develop an ability to accept differences in others and yourself, build resilience, extend your communication skills, move out of your comfort zone and try things you never imagined you might try.  

After following a broad curriculum at Years 7 & 8, students at Year 9 reach the Middle Years of their secondary schooling and an important stage in their physical, intellectual and social development. At Year 9 Highview College continue to offer a broad curriculum and students have the opportunity to start to specialize in areas of interest and strength. We acknowledge the unique growing phase 14 to 15 year olds encounter and, through a rich and innovative curriculum, we strive to provide opportunities for students to become independent and active learners. Highview’s Year 9 Program is designed to enhance each student’s enthusiasm for learning by constructing a learning environment in which they know they are respected and valued, and within which they can make mistakes while exploring their talents and strengthening their competencies.  

Year 9 students will study an interconnected course with four components

  • DELTA Program – Positive Education, Whole Living, Health, Personal Development
  • Core Subjects – English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education
  • Elective Subjects – Science, Humanities, The Arts, Technology and Physical Education 
  • STRIVE Program – ‘Choices’, ‘Enquiry’ and Community Service

Carefully selected units from the available options in the Core and Elective Program will ensure that each Year 9 student has an interesting and stimulating program, and the opportunity to be well prepared for Year 10 and beyond.

It is the sincere hope of all Highview staff that Year 9 students have a wonderful first year in Middle School.

Mr Chris Egan is the head of Year 9, and would be happy to help with any questions you might have.


Following a broad curriculum at Year 9, the focus shifts in Year 10 to preparation for each student’s post-secondary school pathway. Opportunities are provided for students to explore possible pathways, both through the elective courses and through full participation in other aspects of the Year 10 Program, such as Work Experience, University Experience Days and the three-day Melbourne Camp. Students should select subjects they are interested in, and which may be pre-requisites for future courses or vocations.

Students will study a course that consists of the compulsory subjects of English, Mathematics and Physical Education, and units selected from the extensive range of electives. Selection of appropriate units from the available options will ensure that each student has the opportunity to be well-prepared for both VCE studies and for pathways they wish to pursue beyond Secondary schooling.

When choosing subjects, students are encouraged to have a wide selection of Electives from across all curriculum areas. It is also important that students select Electives designed to prepare them for their preferred senior courses.

With the assistance of parents, students are asked to carefully select their preferred Electives. These selections help determine the actual subjects that will run and the number of classes scheduled. 

All students will have the opportunity to discuss their selections during a scheduled subject selection interview. These are held with a senior member of staff.

Students wishing to study VCE subjects in Year 10 will need to demonstrate: 

  • High Achievement in Semester 1 Year 9 studies
  • A minimum B+ result in English 
  • Outstanding achievement in a directly related study at Year 9 level
  • Better than 94% Attendance 

There is a limited range of VCE studies available to Year 10 students. 

In Year 10, many students begin to refine their hopes for the future and recognise their passions, interests and strengths. This year provides an important opportunity to extend the skills required in VCE: resilience, persistence, self-direction and an ability to make full use of the assistance and support of teachers. For those students who are unsure of their future direction we recommend that they choose electives across each area: Humanities, Science, The Arts, Technology and Health.

We wish you well on your journey and urge you to ‘be present’, engaged in your learning and to retain your sense of humour.

Miss Samantha Kent is the head of Year 10, and will be happy to help with any questions you might have.