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Opportunities of a Lifetime

Broadening Horizons

‘Education Through Wholeness’ includes encouraging global awareness and an appreciation of different cultures, degrees of happiness and hardship. An international experience can broaden our perspective.

International community service experiences can be profound in assisting young people to develop empathy for others and an appreciation of the things they may otherwise take for granted. Recognising the reality for others who have no access to clean drinking water, or no access to education or no access to healthcare can, and often does, inspire young people to make a difference. Their lives often take on a greater purpose, direction and participating students are often guided by a greater social conscience and awareness of how privileged we are to be living in Australia with a capacity to assist others. 

These International opportunities are available to students in Years 10, 11 & 12. We encourage students in Year 7, 8 & 9 to begin saving to fund these trips. Many participants do self-fund these life-changing experiences.

In 2017 students participated in a Cultural Tour of Japan and a Community Service Trip to Laos, in 2018 students participated in Community Service Tours to Fiji and Thailand, and in 2019 Community Service trips ran to Cambodia and Laos.

In December this year, our students will once again travel to Fiji to participate in Community Service.

Past Community Service Tours

2017 Laos & Japan
2018 Thailand & Fiji
2019 Laos & Cambodia