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School Life Junior School Yr7 - 8

Welcome to High School!

Yes, schooling is different in Secondary School but you will be fine. Year 7 is a bridge between Primary School and Year 8. You will have fewer teachers and a homeroom in which most of your studies will take place. 

However, you will also experience all the specialist learning facilities at Highview. These include: Science laboratories, Art production spaces, the Geoff James Drama Theatre, The Woodwork Centre, Metalwork Centre, the Music Centre, Hospitality kitchens, Library, Recreation Centre and Highview Gym.

You will study Core subjects which are designed to ensure that you establish a solid, broad framework covering key curriculum areas as well as experiencing ‘Enrichment Studies’ from the Visual and Performing Arts and Technology disciplines. Emphasis at Year 7 is on closing any gaps and extending a strong foundation for further studies.

Each day you will have six lessons and a DELTA session. The heart of ‘Educating Through Wholeness’ is our DELTA Pastoral Care Program. The DELTA Program has a focus on personal development, Health and Faith. Other Core studies include: Mathematics, Science, ‘Window on the World’ and Physical Education. 

Year 7 Enrichment Studies are designed to be hands-on and engaging. The eight studies include: 2D Art, 3D Art, Food Technology, Metalwork, Woodwork, Music, Drama and Graphics. These are one semester in length. 

In Years 7&8 we encourage every student to explore their creativity and problem-solving capacity as a central component of their learning. In Year 9, students are invited to select Electives. In Year 10 almost the entire program is Elective with only English, Mathematics and Physical Education being compulsory, allowing students to begin specialising in areas of interest. 

As you prepare for the beginning of your Secondary schooling, feel confident. You have the experience you need to be successful in this context. Your Primary years have prepared you well and we look forward to helping you have a great first two years of High School.


Miss Brogahn Richards                                     Mr Luke Treacy                                 Year 7 Head of School                                      Year 8 Head of School