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Highview College Uniform

The way each student wears the uniform is an indicator of their commitment to and appreciation of their learning opportunities. Highview has a lovely uniform which we regularly review in response to student feedback. It is a formal but functional school uniform.

The Uniform Policy addresses the total appearance of the student while at school and travelling to and from school. The uniform is seen as an external statement of the quality of students being educated at Highview College. It presents to the public an image that is in line with the school ethos.

Wearing a uniform assists in creating an identity for the school and aids in developing pride and unity in the sense of belonging to the school community. A uniform promotes a sense of inclusiveness, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity, while reinforcing the understanding that our school is a safe and respectful environment.

It is an expectation of enrolment that students will respect the uniform and that families will assist us in ensuring that it is worn well. Students who arrive at school dressed inappropriately may be supplied with items which will be charged to the student’s account.

A student who is out of uniform due to extenuating circumstances should explain their situation to the Head of School. Parents or students experiencing difficulty should contact the school for support. We do have emergency supplies of some uniform items that we are happy to supply. Any families wishing to donate items may also assist others through this program.

Uniform expectations apply to every day the school uniform is worn, including the final day for students. Students who do not wear appropriate uniform may forfeit the right to participate in formal ceremonies designed to honour them. Students who frequently wear the uniform incorrectly are demonstrating non-compliance which will result in consequences as deemed appropriate by the Head of School.

Macks Uniform Supplier

Highview College uniforms are stocked and sold exclusively through ‘Macks’ at 160 High Street Maryborough, phone 5460 4999. Families may order uniform items on-line through Mack’s website and have them delivered to the College.

Hats and navy socks are available to be purchased at Reception. These items will be supplied and charged to a student’s account if they arrive out of uniform without a request for special consideration.

Secondhand uniforms and books

Secondhand uniforms and books can be bought and sold using the website www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au


School Bag

The Highview School Bag is compulsory for all students.

Summer Uniform



Winter Uniform



Boys Uniform 7 - 12

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 & 4)

  • White cotton shirt short sleeve, to be worn out over tailored trousers or Highview shorts
  • School Tie (optional)
  • Navy blue mid-length socks – available at Reception and Macks
  • Highview hat or cap required during Recess and Lunchtimes and for all outdoor class activities in Term 1 and Term 4 – available at Reception and Macks. (Beanies not to be worn in summer months)
  • School Blazer (optional)

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 & 3)

  • Tailored navy trousers
  • White cotton shirt with Highview logo long sleeve, to be worn tucked in
  • School Tie (optional)
  • Navy V-neck jumper
  • Navy blue mid-length socks – available at Reception and Macks
  • Plain navy or plain red scarf
  • School Blazer (optional)
  • Soft shell jacket (optional)
  • School Beanie may be worn (optional)

Girls Uniform 7 - 12

Summer Uniform (Terms 1 & 4)

  • Highview dress (length - no more than 15cm above the knee when kneeling)
  • Highview navy tailored shorts
  • White tailored cotton shirt with Highview logo short sleeve, designed to be worn out over shorts
  • School Tie (optional)
  • Navy V-neck jumper
  • Navy blue mid-length socks – available at Reception and Macks
  • Highview hat or cap required during Recess and Lunchtimes and for all outdoor class activities in Term 1 & Term 4 – available at Reception and Macks (Beanies not to be worn in summer months
  • School Blazer (optional)

Winter Uniform (Terms 2 & 3)

  • Highview tartan winter skirt (length - no more than 15cm above the knee when kneeling)
  • Navy tailored trousers
  • White tailored cotton shirt with Highview logo long sleeve, to be worn tucked in
  • School Tie (optional)
  • Navy V-neck jumper
  • Navy mid-length socks – available at Reception and Macks
  • Navy Tights – available at Macks
  • Plain navy or plain red scarf
  • School Blazer (optional)
  • Soft Shell Jacket (optional)
  • School Beanie may be worn (optional)

Sports & PE Uniform – Girls and Boys

  • Highview navy sports shorts
  • Plain navy tracksuit pants (any brand)
  • Navy blue and red Highview PE top
  • Soft shell jacket (optional)
  • Sports shoes
  • Highview College bucket hat or cap

Items not sold through Macks

Soft Shell Winter Jackets


These may be worn with the School uniform and the PE Uniform, at Sport and to and from School. Orders made and paid for on line will be individually packed and delivered to the College.

Soft Shell Winter Jackets can be ordered directly from the supplier: https://indigowolf.com.au/product/softshell-jacket-highview-college/

Students can check their size by trying on samples available at Reception.

Orders will be processed in Week 2 of Term 1, Friday 14 February, and on the final day of Term 1, Friday 27 March (allow 12 weeks for construction).

School Badges

All badges to be worn on the blazer under the School Crest.

School Beanies

These are available from Reception and may be worn in the Winter months.


Highview College School Lanyards are available at Reception.

School Shoes

Plain black leather School Shoes, as pictured.

Other Dress Requirements

Body Decoration

Facial piercings, glitter, stickers, bangles (arm, ankle or anywhere else) are not to be worn. Only College-supported wristbands are permitted for the duration of a fundraising or awareness-raising campaign eg. Mental Health Week-Beyond Blue.


Small, plain silver or gold sleepers or small, round silver, gold or pearl studs are permitted. No other earrings are permitted with the uniform. Visible piercings are to be in the earlobes only (one pair only - one in each earlobe). All other visible piercings are to be removed while the Highview uniform is being worn – including nose, ear (other than lobe), tongue, brow, etc. No clear or skin-tone piercings are permitted.


There are four options in earring style permitted, one worn in the lobe of each ear.



  • Well brushed, neat and tidy and off the face at all times
  • Shoulder length or longer hair must be tied back from the face
  • Ribbons, hairbands and headbands must be navy, white or red (single colour only)
  • Hair should be a natural colour (avoid streaks and other effects)
  • Extreme styles are not acceptable (seek advice from Co-ordinators regarding acceptable styles and colours before making a hair appointment)
  • Hair cannot be any shorter than a No. 2 cut
  • No facial hair
  • Sideburns no longer than the earlobe


While wearing the Highview College uniform jewellery is not permitted other than a plain watch. A small symbol or locket (not larger than a 10 cent coin) on a plain, light, long chain (worn under a shirt and never visible) is permitted.




Light, natural looking makeup will be accepted. Excessive makeup will need to be removed while wearing the uniform.



Eye Lashes

Enhanced eyelashes and excessive mascara and/or eyeliner are not appropriate while wearing the uniform.




Only clear nail polish is permitted. Other colours, false nails or enhanced nails are not to be worn with the Highview College uniform at any time.

Casual Clothes Days

From time to time the College invites students to wear casual clothes to school. These are usually days when we are supporting a community initiative and usually have a theme. On these occasions, we seek to be clear about College expectations as to what is and what is not appropriate:


Students should:

  • Be comfortable
  • Respect the designated purpose of the day and comply with the advertised theme
  • Make a gold coin donation to support the designated charity or event
  • Ensure that the length of dresses, skirts and shorts is consistent with uniform policy dress length (length - no more than 15cm above the knee)
  • Ensure all clothing is in clean and in good repair
  • Wear enclosed and secure shoes (thongs, strappy sandals and slip-ons are never acceptable – runners are acceptable)
  • Comply with all School policies relating to hair / jewellery / make-up / nail polish / facial piercings / glitter / stickers / bangles etc. which remain the same on free dress days


All clothing must be of a ‘modest’ nature:

  • Avoid exposed midriffs (gap in clothing between the student’s top and trousers, shorts or skirts - Tops must be long enough to tuck in)
  • Do not wear short skirts, dresses or short shorts (length - no more than 15cm above the knee)
  • Do not wear plunging necklines or expose cleavage
  • Avoid gym workout gear
  • Avoid shoestring straps
  • Brastraps should not be visible and underwear should not be visible through clothing
  • Void tight clothing (both dresses and trousers)
  • No ‘skins’, leggings or tights are to be worn without shorts or skirts over the top (of the correct length)
  • Do not wear any item of clothing with language or graphics of a sexual, violent, profane or offensive nature or which advertises alcohol or other prohibited substances


Senior Jerseys


The Senior Jersey is a tradition for the graduating class. This is not a formal item of the Highview School uniform. These jerseys may be worn at the following times:


  • during trial exam and exam periods
  • on free dress days
  • on Sporting days
  • on days agreed with the Executive


As leaders of the College, formal uniform is an expectation on every formal School day.



No visible tattoos of any kind are permitted while in uniform.