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Highview College Our History


The Brigidine Convent at Maryborough was founded in January 1902 in a building called 'Clontarf', and in the same year, St Joseph's College opened in the Convent building with an enrolment of 3 students.  Over the next 70 years, the student numbers varied from 3 to 120. 

In 1972, Canon John Leaver, Anglican Rector of Christ the King Church, Maryborough, discussed the possibility of founding an ecumenical school with Father Peter Claridge of the Roman Catholic Church.  After receiving support from the Bishop of Ballarat, the Superior of the Brigidine Congregation, and other Anglican and Protestant church leaders, a public meeting was called in Maryborough.  By 1973, considerable support had been shown, and the Methodist and Church of Christ churches joined the Anglicans and Roman Catholics on the Interim Board.  By the end of the year, Mr Peter Harris had been appointed as foundation Principal, and staff had been recruited.   

The Christian Community College (Maryborough) opened its doors on the St Joseph's site in February 1974 with 126 students: the first completely ecumenical school in Australia.  

In 1990, as a result of a review of marketing strategies, the trading name of 'Highview' was added to the College title. 

In 1997, Highview College became a foundation member of the Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools and now receives Government funding through this group.



Highview Christian Community College was established in 1974 to provide a genuine and accessible choice of secondary education in Maryborough and District that aimed to develop all aspects of growth in each individual student, and each student's relationships with other people, with society, and the natural environment. A priority was for the school to typify a Christian community in action. Striving together, all members of the community would 'rise to God' and grow towards wholeness. 

Crest and Motto

The design of the Highview Christian Community College crest was originally developed by Mr Graeme Bennett. The central section contains the key Christian symbols of the tree of life and the crossed `P' symbol is representative of Christ. The fine central line indicates the fountain of knowledge based in Christ. It suggests that education grows out of a Judeo/Christian view of the world which brings about reconciliation between people of all creeds and cultures. The background to these symbols contains the school colours of Red and Navy blue. Surrounding this central section is a circular shield representing the reconciling world. Originally, the shield section had a gap in it, indicating that our reconciliation is not yet complete - it is a process that will continue as different denominations grow together. The Highview crest now has a complete circle representing the goal of wholeness towards which we all strive.

The Highview College motto, 'Education Through Wholeness' encourages us to grow in harmony and co-operation with our brothers and sisters in Christ from all denominations, and in this spirit of Christian unity, to strive for and grow towards that perfection or wholeness for which we were created.