Fees and Levies 2014

Year Level Total Per Term
7 2660 665.00
8 2660 665.00
9 3050 762.50
10 3050 762.50
11 3200 800.00
12 3200 800.00

Family Discount available

Tuition Fees

In line with our vision of providing a genuinely accessible educational environment, we attempt to keep our fees as low as possible. However, fees are increased each year in line with actual recurrent cost increases. The fee includes tuition costs, the costs of some learning materials and resources, and costs related to special educational programs and activities.

Government financial assistance

Financial assistance such as the Education Maintenance Allowance may be available to particular families at specified year levels (NB:  EMA ceases for the 2015 year and beyond). Information on these programs will be made available to parents/guardians at the appropriate times each year. Please do not hesitate to contact the Business Manager if you have any queries in this area.


Bursaries at the College have been set up to assist the students of parents in needy circumstances within our College enrolment area. Bursaries will only be offered on a yearly review basis and will be used to subsidise tuition fees. Application forms are available from the Business Manager. All applications will involve an interview with the Principal and/or Business Manager.

Conveyance Allowance

Conveyance Allowance may be available to students enrolling at the College. For more information, please contact our Accounts Department.